❝ look at this tangle of thorns ❞

independent greek mythology oc

semi - selective ; nsfw 19+


written by ally !



"Things are really strange between
us she’s married as you know and it’s just
that being on tour
and doing things behind closed doors is no fun honestly
but I want to spend time with her when we are
home from a tour
and I know I can’t. But that’s not going to stop me from getting what I want.
The one thing you should know about me is when
I want something I do anything I can to get it.
Her kids love me already they call me
Uncle Enzo I’m waiting for them to call me dad soon
and I know it will happen.”

                   ❝ & you expect me to just sit here
                    while you’re with her ? fuck you,
                 i don’t wanna be your friend anymore.
                  Go get that extra baggage, man. They’ll
                    never really be y o u r s anyway.❞

Your muse has permission to invade my ask box with:

Accusations, annoying questions, bad pick up lines, childhood stories, confessions, dreams, personal questions, promises, misinterpreted rumours, secrets, turmoil and woe



             ❝ ———- i’d like to have you for dinner. 



-beth pecora

april is national poetry month! i’ve joined a blog (run by my fave person acrooks) where i’ll be posting some of my work alongside a bunch of other great writers!  I’d like to post everyday, but my life is crazy busy so i’ll be contributing about once or twice a week. if you wanna feel feelings you should check it out! 


                     ❝ You have to be an artist and a madman, a creature of infinite
                     melancholy, with a bubble of hot poison in your loins & a super-
                     voluptuous flame permanently aglow in your subtle spine in order
                     to discern at once, by ineffable signs―the slightly feline outline of
                     a  cheekbone, the slenderness of downy limbs, & other indices which
                     despair and shame & tears of tenderness forbid you to tabulate―
                                                  the little deadly demon. ❞

                                  ( original greek mythology roleplay blog. 
                                  mun is 19+, contains nsfw but all triggers
                                  will be tagged. multi-verse, multi-ship; flexible
                                  with formatting ; will do para,multi & one liners.
                                  will rp with any & all fandoms !! please read about
                                  & rules before anything !!!

rust & stardust.     juvenile clichés.     walk in a maze.

                                                          written by : ally.


Ramones - Pet Sematary


Hey, guys! This isn’t a milestone celebration so much as it is a spontaneous hug for the roleplaying community. For a year and a half now, I’ve been inspired almost daily by the writers here. So here’s a small something I have to offer:

FIRST PLACE receives a full-body colour drawing (x) (x) of their character or a character of their choice; SECOND PLACE, (x) a greyscale bust; and THIRD, (x) a greyscale portrait.

You don’t have to be following me.
One like and one reblog per entrant.
Only roleplay blogs need apply!
Winners will be selected and notified on Sunday, September 28th. There will be a 48 hour window of opportunity to respond, after which (assuming no answer) the prize will be forfeited to another entrant.

That’s it, really. Thanks a bunch, and cheers!




                       ❝ Just Zooey. It’s nice to meet you, —-Emy

                     ❝ Nice to meet you too, just Zooey.                  
                        What books are you reading ? scary ones ?
                        educational ones ? ——- those are boring. ❞

i’m only ten away from this big number and holy shit dfghjkl


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